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Healthy Protein Sweeteners

Meet Our Executives!

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 Jason Ryder, CEO & Co-Founder

Jason Ryder is an entrepreneurial chemical engineer with experience in process and product development, engineering design, scale up, and commercialization in the industrial biotech and food tech sectors. Jason's professional work has ranged from small molecules to proteins with applications spanning sustainable chemicals, fuels, materials, and foods. Prior to Miraculex, he served in senior technical leadership roles at Amyris, Bolt Threads, and Hampton Creek. Jason earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alabama and a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley where he also teaches bioprocess engineering.

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Alan Perlstein, President & Co-Founder

Alan Perlstein, President and co-founder of Miraculex, has a deep history in biotechnology and entrepreneurship. A native of the great borough of Brooklyn, Alan started researching alternative methods of sweetening food 15 years ago. Since that time, Alan has been focused on growing Miraculex where he and his team make sweet foods healthy with plant proteins.

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 Ben Roche, Culinary Innovation Director

After nearly 15 years of cooking and running kitchens at Michelin-starred restaurants, Ben has become a leading expert in commercial food product development. His experience in all project stages, from initial concept to finished product, and his proficiency with plant-based functional proteins help bring the magic of "sweet protein" to CPGs. His innovative cooking and his quest for "delicious" have led to many unique opportunities, including consulting with NASA's Institute of Advanced Concepts, delivering a keynote on "Food as Alchemy" at TED 2011 and a victory on Iron Chef America.