To create a world where everyone can enjoy dessert again.

About Us


Our journey started, as most do, with a question: how can we make food with sugar and sugar alternatives healthy? Nobody is happy with sugar or artificial sweeteners – and it’s been that way for far too long. Sugar and artificial sweeteners are linked to global epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. And to top it all off, alternative sweeteners taste bad.

Founded in 2014, Miraculex is a food technology company focused on developing the first ever protein sweeteners. These sweeteners are natural fruit proteins that are healthy, flavor enhancing, and evolved to provide sweetness without sugar. These proteins are available in fruits that are eaten by wild animals around the world.

We produce such proteins as miraculin (from the miracle berry originating in West Africa) and brazzein through both Ag-tech processes and fermentation then purify them into a premium ingredient. We use our protein sweeteners to develop exciting and healthy food products spanning bakery, confectionery, dairy, frozen desserts, and much more.

We do all of this in our offices, labs, and greenhouses in Davis, CA.