Sweetness without the compromise.

What's life without sweet?

Boring. That's what. 

At Miraculex, we're creating the next (read: final) generation of protein flavor enhancers that make products taste good without the negative consequences. And the first flavor we’re tackling is sweetness. What makes us different?

We’re using protein.


Our process.

We’re harvesting proteins directly from fruit to create the sweet flavors that everyone craves. Specifically, our first technique allows us to isolate a protein called miraculin from the miracle berry.

Once miraculin hits your tongue, it binds to your sweet taste receptors and activates those receptors in the presence of acidic foods (like lemons) making your brain think sour or bitter foods taste sweet. Through fermentation and purification, we derive an ingredient so potent that only one gram of it equals the sweetness of 20kg of sugar.



Proteins make better produces.

Our new protein ingredient will be able to work in thousands of different products from yogurt to ice cream to soda. 

We're working to bring about a world where everyone can have their cake and eat it too, without the negative health impacts of sugary snacks on your diet.