About Us

MiraculeX is redefining sweetness in food by producing plant protein-based sweeteners derived from exotic fruits. These rare protein-sweeteners are the best tasting and healthiest of any other current sweeteners that are inducing an obesity epidemic. We have found a method to produce these proteins at a cost effective and scalable process.

our Mission

Confronted with the current global obesity epidemic, MiraculeX Inc. is devoted to developing solutions for sugar replacements in many existing foods and beverages. Our protein sweeteners are plant-based, naturally derived, and have no strange after tastes. We bring together like-minded scientists and business executives who strive to create healthy products and change the way we think about the food sweeteners.




Our company founder and CEO comes from a protein engineering background with several years of experience in consulting and entrepreneurship. Our science team is composed of Plant Biologists, Molecular Biologists, Protein Biochemists, and Fermentation Scientists who have worked in both industry and academic environments and have established networks within these communities.


Our Technology

Currently, we are producing two protein sweeteners: Miraculin from the plant Synsepalum dulcificum, and Brazzein from the plant Pentadiplandra brazzeana. Miraculin is a natural sugar substitute, a glycoprotein extracted from the fruit commonly known as the Miracle fruit originating from West Africa. When Miraculin is placed into the mouth and taste buds are exposed to it (which binds to sweet receptors on the tongue), acidic foods which are ordinarily sour (such as citrus) are perceived as sweet. Brazzein was isolated from the Oubli fruit that also originates from West Africa, and is 500–2000 times sweeter than sucrose on a weight basis. This protein represents an alternative to other low-caloric sweeteners and may potentially be used for diabetics.

These proteins serve as an untapped biological resource for innovation in food science technology, and hold massive potential as sugar and artificial sweetener replacements. We are manufacturing protein sweeteners on a large-scale production platform and are able yield high concentrations of protein quickly while maintaining low cost production.